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​​Zhanna Shomakhova


Zhanna Shomakhova was born in Nalchik, North Caucasus, Russia. At the age of 6 she started taking drawing and painting lessons at the Arts school in Nalchik. She studied painting at the College of Arts in Vladikavkaz and later graduated from the Ekaterinburg State Pedagogical University with a degree in Education. Throughout her career, Zhanna participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad; her paintings and drawings are kept in private collections in Switzerland, England, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Denmark, USA and Canada.

In 2008 Zhanna moved with her family to Canada. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC. 


My art works are reflections of my thoughts, emotions, memories, and the objects that I see every day. I am inspired by everything around me: people and their stories, nature and its unpredictability, objects and their mystery.
I primarily paint in acrylics and mixed media and I mainly use bright colours since the energy of colour is of great importance to me. Another important part of my work is texture – it allows me to capture and express a certain intrigue, sophistication, or even mysticism contained in simple and familiar objects.
I want my art works to be a source of positive and inspiring energy helping people to enjoy and celebrate life.

Select Exhibitions

2018 - Solo exhibition "Motion", Place des Arts, Coquitlam, BC

2017 - Solo exhibition "Motion", Michael Wright Art Gallery, Port Coquitlam, BC

2016 - Group exhibition “Art Party!”, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2015 - Solo exhibition "On the Way", Madina Saral'p Art Centre, Nalchik, Russia
2014 - Solo exhibition "The Mood of Color", MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 - Discovery: Air, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
2013 – 2nd Fraser Valley Regional Biennale BC, Canada
2013 – Rite of Spring, Deer Lake Gallery, Burnaby, Canada
2008 - Solo exhibition, College of Design, Nalchik, Russia
2007 - Group exhibition, Nalchik, Russia
2006 - “5+2” exhibition, Nalchik, Russia
2005 - Group exhibition, College of Design, Nalchik, Russia
2004 - Group exhibition, Nalchik, Russia
2003 - Group exhibition “Design 2003”, Rostov, Russia
2002 - Group exhibition, Rostov, Russia
2001 - Group exhibition, National Arts Museum, Nalchik